2017 Showreel
Animation: Tom Price

A combination of both above and below the line design for Warner Bros, HBO, Fox & Netflix via the agency Thinkjam.

The evolution of the logo for Love Glove, a record label/collection of DJ's from south London. Their predominantly vinyl only and we wanted the logo to represent that. Finding the initials L & G in a 45" record adaptor was a kind of fate and the logo really created itself.

Inspiration from the band MFSB and others from the 70's disco scene helped shape the font.

Logo design: Tom Price & Hassanayan Rauf
Video & Sound design: Tom Price
Poster & Flyer design: Hassanayan Rauf

A Full rebrand for the Ethnographic research company Stripe Partners. The four stripes represent the partners themselves and can be used in a varierty of ways. To display information, graphics or Video, The stripes respond to the environment there around online pulling in colours on the webpages as you navigate around their site. A full site was developed along with a variety of brand materials.

Design: Tom Price
Development: Tom Price

An animation for Well Communities. The fun part of this project was animating the characters with the microsoft kinect. A making of will be availble shortly.

Design: Tom Price
Animation: Tom Price
VO: Anna Chilton
Illustration: Alice Maggs

A Cookbook created for our parent by myself and my sister. It was bound by the wyvern bindery who liked the book so much they requested another two copies for their staff.

Design: Tom Price
Recipes: Tom Price & Josie Gabelman

A parallax site for East London pub The Hunter S incorporating illustrated images of elements of the pub and ethos as well as fullscreen photography showing the lovely interiors.

Design: Tom Price & Hassanayn Rauf
Development: Tom Price
Illustration: Reiss Simmonds

An Animation for the 10th Anniversary edition of Wolves by Emily Gravett

Company: Pan Macmillan
Design: Tom Price
Animation: Tom Price

A zine for newspaper club, based on Junk email I had recieved over a 2 month period. It became progressively more strange, with each email quoting sections of Charles Dickens along with the usual oppurtunities to meet "Hot young girls”.

The zine was a limited run

Photography & Design: Tom Price

A film I shot for the Bilbao tourist board of the famous Oma Painted Forest, where only by standing in the correct position can you see the image painted on the trees. As the trees have shifted over the last 30 years the images themselves have become distorted adding to the eerie feeling of the forest.

Post production: Tom Price
Video: Tom Price Music: Tom Price

For the 2015 general election in the UK I was contacted by the Equality Movement to create some posters to highlight some of the issues with gender inequality. I felt an interactive option was a better idea with the user having to drag a slider across the screen to highlight some major issues regarding gender in equaility. Site available here

Design: Tom Price
Development: Tom Price

A personal project based on my love of miniature worlds. Built from a combination of found materials and model railway scenic props. The piece was given to a friend but not before the tumblr post had accumulated over 3000 notes and shares.

Sculpture & Photography: Tom Price

A short film to launch an issue of the magazine IDOL.

Film: Michael Furlonger
Sound design & Music - Tom Price

An ongoing collaboration with the clothing brand Conquer Gear This magazine was for their spring/summer range. The title of the range was “Small Despairs”. Using a combination of Model railway scenic props and a variety of locations around our old Camberwell office, we shot this magazine in one day.

Art Direction: Hassanayan Rauf, Tom Price
Photography: Tom Price
Design: Hassanayan Rauf, Tom Price

A TV advert for Virgin Mobile. The concept was using some of their already successful typography led posters to create an engaging advert.

Client: RAPP/Virgin
3D modelling: Tom Price
Animation: Tom Price